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As a nominee for the 2021 GRAMMY Awards

For your consideration:

Artist: Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra

Submitted for: Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album

Album: Overjoyed The Music Of Stevie Wonder

 The Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra, under the direction of Art Bouton, invites you on a journey of discovery within the many textures and visions of Overjoyed The Music Of Stevie Wonder.
  This recording began with a question to the arrangers of the CJRO. Whose music would you love to arrange for our next jazz band recording? Without hesitation it was the music of Stevie Wonder.
 Each arranger was given carte blanche in their choice of songs, and were allowed to let their pens flow freely...."with only their imaginations as their guides.
 This is what came from their collective manuscripts which blossomed into a three- day session of exploration.

 For your consideration:

 Overjoyed The Music Of Stevie Wonder